tipologie di estratti fitoterapici

Herbal supplements are in effect products containing phytocomplexes, i.e. the set of substances responsible for the beneficial properties of a medicinal plant. Unlike the active principle, the beneficial or potentially therapeutic action is in this context promoted by the sum of the phytocomplexes present in a given plant. Thanks to the growing interest in the so-called “natural” medicine, the herbal market is constantly looking for new plant sources that can assist the normal state of well-being and health of the individual.

Phytotherapeutic products, many of which also fall into the category of nutraceuticals, are divided into mono-plant and mixed. The former contain only a plant extract, while the others provide synergistic action in order to solve a mild problem.

Although they can have multiple effects on the body, the most popular and in demand phytotherapics are mainly of three types: adaptogens, which also include immunostimulants, purifying / detoxifying and sedatives or natural anxiolytics.

Through this subdivision, we can therefore list its specific properties and mechanisms of action:

  • adaptogens, ie plant extracts with invigorating action particularly used to help the body in situations of strong and prolonged psychophysical stress. Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Eleutherococcus are just some of the plants to improve the body’s response in the aforementioned conditions. But there are other natural supports such as Echinacea, Maca, Uncaria tomentosa, Olive tree, and many others, with an immune-adjuvant action, therefore able to support the body’s natural defenses.
  • purifying and detoxifying, with natural draining properties or support for kidney, liver and gastrointestinal functions. Dandelion, Bearberry, Milk Thistle, Asparagus, Mallow and others are very useful for assisting the aforementioned organs
  • natural sedatives, plant extracts such as Valerian, Escolzia, Griffonia etc .., to regain lost calm, promote neural relaxation and night rest.

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